Professional Custom Nightguards in Snoqualmie

Teeth grinding is when people clench and grind their teeth at night. This condition can cause serious damage to teeth and gums over time. Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, can also cause jaw pain, headaches and fatigue from a lack of sleep.

While we are asleep, the muscles in our airway, neck, and tongue relax. Unfortunately, extra tissue in our airway can partially block airflow. What happens then is our jaws tighten, clench, and even grind to hold the airway open so that we can breathe normally. While this clenching/grinding keeps the air coming, it can also cause tooth problems.

The good news is that night guards (also known as mouth guards) can protect teeth from damage. Night guards are a soft barrier that rest between your upper and lower teeth. They can also help prevent face and jaw pain.

Professional Custom Nightguards Near Me, Snoqualmie

Some night guards can be bought over-the-counter without a prescription, and some can be purchased from a dentist. The important thing is that you want a night guard that is comfortable and best suits your situation. Here are some different types of night guards to consider.

One-size-fits-all night guards are over-the-counter devices that you can buy in a drug store. They are low-cost, but are not specially fitted for your teeth and gums, and may not fit comfortably. These night guards can be used by someone who occasionally grinds their teeth. That said, they are not a great long-term solution.

Boil and bite night guards are boiled in water (to soften them up). You then bite into them, and they capture your mouth’s impression. This is a very simple way to get a night guard that is closer to your bite than the one-size-fits-all device. However, the fit is not perfect.

Night guards made in a lab can be ordered by our dentist. These night guards will have the best fit because a professional lab will carefully design them based on your exact teeth impression that our dentist will take.

If you find yourself grinding your teeth at night, please call our office and make an appointment. Our dentist can help fit you with a night guard that works best for you. There is no reason to suffer with this problem night after night. Help is just one phone call away.